Adiós 2017 Open Water Fishing

Well folks it looks like 2017 open water fishing is nearing its end. We’ve received 4-6″ of snow this past week and it looks like the snow and colder temperatures are here to stay. Several of the northern lakes, and smaller bay areas including Pelican are now frozen over but still need time before it’s safe to venture out on. We still anticipate it’s going to be a couple of weeks before any of these smaller lakes are going to be safe- as always use extreme caution when venturing out on early ice!

We now have all of our docks out including the main boat landing and some of the ice crew guys are now beginning to get fish houses ready for the hard water. Bookings for ice fishing packages have been steady over the last few weeks so we encourage you to start planning if coming to Devils Lake is something on your bucket list! Check out our webcam here to see if Creel Bay has frozen over yet: Click Here

Any guesses on when Creel will freeze? Leave a comment below!