August 9th, 2016

Hello anglers!

We haven’t had much of a change in fishing patterns since last reported. We are still seeing most walleyes coming from the 15-30 range. Look to pull bottom bouncers and spinners along breaks/ledges in the 15-25 range. Vertical jigging structure in 20-30 foot on top of structure is another good way to target walleyes that have moved deeper. #9 jigging raps or jig heads with leeches have been the best approach when trying to jig up walleyes deep.

With the perch moving out of the weeds and to deeper structure within the last 2 weeks, try to target them with similar presentations to the walleyes. Try smaller spinner blade set ups and smaller jigs when targeting these perch. We have seen them being caught more regularly than in the first part of the summer.

The towers on the main bay have been consistently producing numbers of fish while jigging the areas near the rock structure/mud flats around the towers. Other similar areas to target: Rocky point, Military point, Bird Island, the Towers in the north end of Creel, and the bridges (Hwy 20/57, 6 mile, Mauve Coulee). North end of 6 mile (west shoreline) has been producing walleyes on bottom bouncers and spinners. Same presentation at Doc Hagens. West end of the golden highway (near winchester island) has produced fish pulling spinners or crankbaits. Pulling cranks along old hwy 281 in about 20 foot of water has seen a fair amount of walleyes caught. Pelican has been a good area as well, (still pretty dangerous with trees/structure sticking out). Look to target along 281, the moon bars, pelican ridge, and refuge island.

This coming weekend we are hosting Rock Fest! Tickets are still on sale. Going to be a fun weekend! Come out and check out the live music and good times.

Be Safe! Have Fun!