July 17-23 Fishing Report

The Devils Lake Fishing Report for the week of July 17th to July 23. Brought to you by Mitchell’s Guide Service. The largest, most experienced, professional guide service serving the Devils Lake basin.

What an incredible week of fishing it has been in Devils Lake, North Dakota! This week has seen a continuation of a great bite of this summer! Just when you think the fishing here at Devils Lake, North Dakota can’t get any better it has, the fishing has been nothing short of astounding.

Our fishing guides and their customers continue to report excellent fishing once again this week. From limits of chunky Devil’s Lake eater walleye to trophy eyes headed for the taxidermist. Stable weather and the summer peak of fishing has contributed heavily to the success that we are experiencing here at Devil’s Lake. Family groups, corporate groups, couples and fishing buddies, this week has run the gamut of anglers being guided by our staff to excellent catches.

Presentations being utilized have been trolling crankbaits, the good old bread-and-butter spinner and bouncer combinations and vertical jigging in deeper water, anywhere from 20 to 30 feet. All presentations have proven themselves to be effective in taking walleye for our clients. This really is a great time of the year to be on the water enjoying the weather and the fabulous fishing we have been experiencing.

With our expanded staff of experienced fishing guides, Mitchell’s Guide Service now has limited openings in July and August for you to join in the fun fishing of Devil’s Lake, North Dakota! No dog days here! The hot bite we are currently experiencing will likely continue through the remaining days of July and August as one of the best fishing bites in North America. So come and join in the fun!

Whether you are planning a family vacation, a fishing trip with your buddies, a corporate outing or just a short notice day of fishing for 2 or 3, Mitchell’s Guide Service is here and ready to accommodate all your needs. So don’t delay! Let us help you get started making fishing memories to last a lifetime!
Just give us a call at 701-662-5996 or contact us through fishdevilslake.net.

Submitted by MGS Guide,
Pete Harsh / MR.TILLER

Edited by Josh White