Jan. 2nd Ice Conditions and Fishing Report

Current Ice Conditions

1/2/2018: Creel Bay has anywhere from 8 to 15 inches of ice. We’ve seen some 1/2 ton vehicles venturing out but we still recommend extreme care when driving. There are several spots around the lake including the towers, six mile bay, and middle Creel that we’re aware of with very limited ice (3-6″). ATV travel and drilling as you go is still the go-to option. We do have a limited trail system going from the resort to Peterson’s, Beer Can Island, the Retreat Center, and Rocky point.

Fishing Report

With the extreme cold temperatures the fishing has been fairly finicky. People have been having the best luck with a plain hook and live minnow or gold tungstens have also been working. Groups have been coming in with a fair amount of fish out of Creel, East Devils Lake, and the flats. Looks like warmer weather is on the way so the fishing should pick up as well!

Finicky Fish Tactic: One presentation Brad recommends for the finicky fish is a Hali without the chain/hook system. Remove the chain and replace with an 8-13″ lead of fishing line and a hook tipped with a live minnow. This will allow fish to see your lure from farther away and once you get the fish to move in- the fish will then focus on your live minnow moving around. A blue Hali has been working quite well this past week.

Ice Fishing Package Availibility 

Many guests have been asking us about our availability. Although weekends this month are full, we still have some excellent dates for availability. Please see the photo below for suggestions on dates in January. We’d love to host your group this winter!

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