May 2nd, 2016

Hello anglers!

The warm days of summer are approaching very quickly! With the nice weather we’ve been experiencing lately, the fishing has picked up! By the looks of it, the spawn period is reaching its end and the fish are becoming more active. With most of the fish starting to come back from the northern portions of the lake system, look to target warm water temps. Fish are being caught in different depths on a variety of presentations. 6 mile bay and Pelican will be the best areas to target the next few days while the water temps continue to rise. Use extreme caution when traveling to/through Pelican. Don’t forget that we lost water since last year, so some areas can be dangerous. The Pelican landing is not and will not be in use this year. We have lost 4 feet off of our all time high. Since the end of last summer we have lost around 18 inches or so. The lake level is hovering around 1450 feet above sea level.

Walleyes have picked up the last few days after the cool weather passed. People are still finding success at bridges where the water is moving. Using a slip bobber/lindy rig set up with a leech or minnow has been catching walleyes in these locations, especially from shore. Moving a little deeper at the bridges and vertical jigging has put some anglers on bigger walleyes. A #9 jigging rap has been the lure of choice for most anglers that are using this technique. With the nice weather comes warmer water temps. Try to target shallow structure (submerged tree lines, rock piles, and old shore lines) with plastics and crankbaits. Smaller size jig heads (1/8 oz to 1/4 oz) on your plastic presentation will allow you to stay above weeds, preventing snags. If crankbaits are your preferred lure, look to use #7 and #9 countdowns or #5 Shad Raps. Countdowns are great crankbaits for this time of year when you are targeting new areas that start shallow and drop off. These countdowns allow you to sink your lure to the depth that you want it to run, perfect for hitting the edge of weed pockets or big submerged ledges. Try not to limit yourself to a single method of fishing when planning your adventure on the lake. We’ve seen these walleyes caught anywhere from 3 feet to 35 feet deep the last couple days.

The Pike have been pretty crazy over the weekend. We have found a lot of pike almost anywhere you go, mixed in with the walleyes. Pitching crankbaits or plastics have been the best presentations when targeting Pike as of late. Don’t let Pike discourage you if you’re looking for walleyes. These pike will be mixed in with the walleyes in a lot of areas. At this time of year, you will have catch your way through pike to find walleyes in these shallow areas, but catching fish to catch more fish isn’t a bad way to spend a day on the lake.

It is that time of year! Make sure you have the appropriate life preservers on board, enough tackle to get through the pike and walleyes, and enough fuel/snacks to spend a day on the lake! Come in and see us and we can get you set up with anything you need or help get you pointed in the right direction to get you on some fish. We have our rental boat fleet ready to rock! Our Marina also ready to go. We will be finishing the last of our docks this week. With the forecast calling for temps in the 80s, it would be the perfect time to get your summer fishing off to a nice start!

Be safe! Have fun! Take a kid fishing!


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