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February 7th, 2017

Ice Conditions

Last night we got around 6″ of heavier snow. Andrew and Timmy have been out plowing and getting our Creel Bay trail system back up and going. As of now all trails are good but there is a chance the wind will cause them to drift in some. Although traveling around the lake has become easier with warmer temperatures to settle the snow, the recent storm has again made mobility on the challenging side.

Fishing Report

Fishing this past week remained finicky with the best luck found right around the 25′ depth. The one trend we’ve been noticing is how light penetration is affecting the perch bite. Many guys are marking fish and seeing them on their cameras with little to no bite. We’ve had minimal days with full sunlight as most have been overcast where the bite has been tougher. The days that the sun has been bright the fishing has been the best. That’s not to say people aren’t catching them.

Per usual, targeting Walleyes is best in the morning and evening but they are typically mixed in with schools of Perch as well. Sunlight hasn’t seemed to affect the walleye much. Pike fishing remains consistent in shallow 5′ – 15′ of water in flooded timber. One quick tip to note: when you know there’s perch down there, fishing for pike will spook the perch away.

Small buck shots, tungstens, and jigging raps tipped with minnow heads or wax worms has been working. There’s also been success with a very small plain hook tipped with a couple of wax worms- where some guys have noticed jig heads and bright colors have scared the fish away.

The weather forecast looks like we’ll be warming up towards the weekend, and although cloudy lets hope it turns the fish on!

Cool Spearing Video

“Spearing on Devils Lake last weekend,” sent to us by Brad Arens from West Fargo

How to use a Vexilar

A common question we get in our bait shop and on the ice is “How do I use a Vexilar?” Fish finders are key to success on any lake in the winter and I highly recommend getting familiar with how they work and how you can pick through finicky fish. It’s not a new model but check out this video where Dave Genz shows how to use an FL-20 to effectively catch more fish and have more fun on the ice.

Mitchell’s Guide Service- Booking trips for Summer 2017

Now is a good time to start thinking about summer fishing trips. Mitchell’s is a team of guides that fish Devils Lake practically every day! Because Devils Lake fish transition throughout the summer from shallow water to deeper water, the fishing style and presentation is always on the move- expect to learn a lot and have a great time while fishing with these guys.  We take reservations for Mitchell’s Guide Service year-round:

  • Daily rates starting at $429/day for two people.
  • Package rates starting at $699/person for 2 days fishing, 3 nights lodging, and all of your meals provided.

Father-son trips, family trips, and large groups up to 40 people are welcome!




Good luck to all anglers this next week, have fun and stay safe!

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