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January 10th Fishing Report and Ice Conditions

Fishing Report

Gold, gold, and gold. The past couple of days the color Gold has been the go to choice. Specifically in the form of 1/16oz Buckshots, gold Genz Worms, down to slip bobber rigs with a gold hook and smaller sized live minnow. We recently experienced a large temperature change from -20 to 20 above and it slowed the bite for a day or so and then the fishing turned for the better! The Perch have been primarily coming out of 25′-35′ of water throughout the lake. We’ve heard other reports of guys catching them in even shallower water between 18′-25′ on parts of the main lake, Six Mile, and over on East Bay. Walleyes are being targeted at depths of 15′-25′.  As always, your best time of day to get on the eyes is morning at sunset and evening at sundown although they do feed throughout the day- just not as actively as they do in the mornings and evenings.

Ice Conditions

Varied ice thickness throughout Creel Bay, Walfords, Military Point, Rocky Point, the Dome House and Tower’s areas. Look for an average of around 17” in many of these locations with less towards the North end of Creel — Eagle Bend… 12”, North Towers… 10-12”. A large flock of our flying friends bunkered down in open water on the North end of Creel until mid-December when it finally froze over so ice is still playing catch-up.

We now have groups following us out to our fish houses with full size vehicles. Venturing away from our marked trails still isn’t recommended but traffic around the area is picking up. There are a couple of pressure ridges going from Rocky Point to Military, and another one going from Walfords out to the Dome House. As of today, the Dome House area is in poor shape so you’ll want to be extra careful if you decide to go out that way.

Upcoming Weather

Snow and wind is on the way. The pressure change made for some pretty happy customers on our fish house package this morning!

What’s your go-to Walleye lure for fishing through the ice? Let us know on our Facebook post here.

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