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January 19th, 2016


Hello everyone!

This cold front that we have been experiencing for the last few days made fishing a little tough. Today we had some better weather and better fishing! We will see some warmer weather for the next few days. With this “warm front” moving in it is best to target walleyes and perch a little shallower than the past few days. With this low pressure, fish tend to become more active and move into shallow water to feed. Areas of 10-20 ft of water should be targeted within the next few days in hopes of finding these active/feeding fish. Buckshot spoons have still been the most reliable presentation on the lake so far. Any lure with a rattle is the best option to use to attract fish into an area.

Ice Conditions:

We are seeing ice consistently at at least 12 inches and anywhere up 18 inches in areas. We have found some pockets with 7-8 inches of ice. Trucks have been traveling most parts of the lake including: Creel Bay, The Towers, Walford, North End 6 Mile, Strommes, and the Storm Sewers. Some of the worst ice that has been reported has been in the Flats. 10 inches is the average on that portion of the lake. Even with the ice conditions holding steady, please use caution around the lake. Like previously stated, we are still finding some sketchy pockets of thinner ice.

This coming weekend (22nd & 23rd) are bringing some extremely nice temps! Should be a great weekend to take the family fishing!

Stay warm! Stay safe! Have fun!


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