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June 15th, 2016

Hello anglers!

Congrats to Scott Fender for winning the Walleye contest this week!

We have seen some rain the last few days with a slight chance of more rain coming on Saturday. The Walleyes have been a little tough through this stretch of rainy weather, but look for them to become more active now that the rain has passed.

Pulling bottom bouncers and spinners in 8-15 foot of water has been picking up a lot of fish as of late. Shallow areas throughout Pelican are holding Walleyes. Look to try fishing the tracks, around refuge island, the moon bars, and the west shoreline. Other similar areas like Howard’s farm also have been producing fish. Another technique to cover a lot of water is to pull cranks. In these shallow bays like Howard’s, a #5 or #4 Salmo Hornet works really well. In 7 or 8 foot of water, pull these hornets about 50-60 foot behind the boat around 2 to 2.5 mph to get a good dive and movement on these crankbaits. 6 mile bay has been one of the hotter bays this summer so far. East and west shorelines have produced fish consistently. Look to pitch cranks, pull bottom bouncers and spinners, or slip bobber. Target weedlines, drop offs, gravel pits, and submerged timber. The south end of 6 mile bay around Doc Hagen’s Island has started to pick up within the last week. Reports of fish being caught along the golden highway have started to come in. Look to target more toward Winchester Island if you are fishing the golden highway. We have seen a good amount of walleyes coming out of Creel Bay. Beer Can Island is one spot that is often overlooked, but does produce fish consistently in the mornings and evenings. Peterson Point and around the power lines in Creel has also been producing fish. All the bridges throughout the lake have been fairly active still. Look to slip boober, vertical jig, or drift with lindy rigs.

We are still seeing and hearing of a lot of Pike being caught everyday. Most areas and techniques used to target Walleyes will also pick up Pike. Most consistent Pike fishing has come in 15 foot of water or shallower. Its not too strange to pick them up deeper, but look to target the shallower water if you want to dial in the Pike bite.

Be Safe! Have Fun!


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