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March 13, 2017

Ice Conditions

Ice conditions are the best they’ve been all winter! We are averaging 25″ of ice everywhere we drill in Creel Bay, Military Point along Camp Grafton to Highway 20, the Dome House, and Towers area’s. One of our guys did manage to bottom out his auger in a couple of spots where the ice was thicker along the Towers. The video below was posted March 11th when we had minimal snow. Note: there is some snow drifting on the lake now as we got a few inches of snow the past couple of days but getting around in a mid to full size vehicle isn’t an issue and you can drive nearly everywhere. Chains are helpful if you have them


Pike fishing has been excellent over the last couple of weeks. Guys are mostly catching them on tip-ups with smelt. The Walleye and Perch bite have been hit and miss due to pressure changes and the amount of sunlight. Tommy points out areas like Military Point are more active and bite when it’s not full on sunshine while a half mile away in the middle of Creel the fish are down there but groups have had a tougher time catching them. North Creel, Middle Creel towards the mouth of the bay, and Military in that 30-35′ of water range has been where the most action has been. Anglers that have stuck around that half hour before sunset have been able to pull in the most fish during that time- both Perch and Walleye. Gold buckshots with minnow heads and small tungsten jigs work best.

Weather Forecast

Crazy weather we had last week!

Things are going to start warming up this week! We’re looking forward to fishing outside and enjoying the warmer weather. It’s hard to say when the ice will melt away but it typically doesn’t take long before shorelines degrade. From the weather forecast we’re predicting around 10 more days of vehicle traffic.

Late Ice Lodging Availability

Although our hard sided fish houses will be off the water on Wednesday, March 15th, we do have lodging open for all of you late ice anglers. Some of the hottest fishing of the winter is about to commence during this pre-spawn period!

Summer Fishing

Click the post below to see why it’s going to be a unique summer for fishing! We have 2 weekly cabins left (June 24 departing July 1st, 2 Bedroom Cabin C1 and a one bedroom Cabin B4, July 1st Departing July 8th). There are also plenty of motel rooms open for those on a budget. We do recommend getting a head start by calling in and booking reservations as our bookings are filling in sooner than in past years.

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