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They Hugged the Bottom this Weekend!

The past few days brought overcast and temperatures in the in the mid twenties. Fishing old shorelines in the afternoons (Creel Bay)–22-25 foot range, we were able to mark Perch and Walleye from about 2 PM until dark (5:15). We threw everything at them and they really hugged the bottom. Red and gold buckshots tipped with wax worms or minnow heads, gold genz worms tipped with wax worms, and the plain old hook on a slip bobber presented right at the bottom worked best for perch (even though they were finicky). Just before dark, switching to Jigging Raps about 6″ off the bottom brought a handful of nice Walleye’s through the ice.

We found anywhere between 8 and 10 inches of ice and minor patches of snow here and there… if you plan on coming up I’d definitely recommend some ice cleats. Some guys have been venturing out of the resort with ATV’s and smaller hard-sided fish houses, although caution is still recommended as there has been a report of open water in the area shown above. Note that out towards the mouth of Creel Bay took longer to freeze over.


Landen’s Fishing Report (Nov. 29th)

Thanks to everyone that came to the St. Paul ice show this past weekend!

After reviewing conditions, our ice crew guys plan to start getting fish houses out and we will be up and running with fish house lodging packages starting December 10th (with 2, 3, and 4 man fish houses).  That said, we still have plenty of early ice openings- you can give our front desk a call at 701-662-5996 extension 1 for bookings.

Hope to see you soon 🙂

P.S…. Walleye Wars- Lake of the Woods VS Devils Lake. Be sure to tune in on Facebook Live!!

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